Sleep is important, but there is no “one-size fits all” when it comes to families. We offer guidance and solutions that are uniquely tailored for you. Our personalized sleep support provides answers to your sleep questions, what to expect, and how to meet your baby’s needs while still taking care of yourself. 

InfantSleepEducatorCertOur certified sleep consultant, Caitlin Shields, brings her sleep educator training and experience as a doula to help you with adjusting to the new baby dynamic. Whether it is your first baby or a new addition, we can help establish routines, navigate regressions, and help make changes gently. We can help your little one develop healthy sleep habits and associate positive feelings about sleep. 

Recommendations are evidence-based, combined with your baby’s personality, development stage, and your parenting style. We work together to find practical solutions to meet your needs.

We support families living in Mississauga, Oakville, and the GTA. Initial consultations are done in-home to get a sense of your family dynamic. Follow-ups can be done in-home or online. 

Sleep Support fee: $25 per hour, $350 (4 weeks)