Birth Support

Congratulations! We are so thrilled that you are having a baby! From that first gaze to those first words, there are so many new and exciting moments ahead.

You probably have questions, like:

What is a birth plan and do I need one?

Do I want an unmedicated birth or an epidural?

Do I want a homebirth or a hospital birth?

Do I want a vaginal birth after cesarean?

…and so many more.

We can help you navigate the coming months with the personalized support that you are looking for. We offer judgement-free guidance to help you have your best birth. Our doulas provide 24/7 on-call support for your labour so that you and your partner can stay as comfortable as possible during the birth of your baby.

Labour and Birth fee: $1100.00 + HST.  We charge a flat rate so there is no extra charge for having a long labour.

Download our What to Bring checklist!

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