Birth Doula Support

We offer non-judgmental support, education and guidance for your labour, birth and early postpartum period. We provide you with tools that can help you stay calm, and focused on what matters most–you and your baby!

In the interest of keeping our clients safe and complying with Ontario laws and regulations, we will not be booking in-person support services at this time. Our clients have the option of converting virtual support packages to in-person support packages at such a time that the Ontario government lifts its restriction on non-essential work, and social distancing measures are no longer necessary.

Virtual Birth Doula Package

A birth doula’s objective is to instill self-confidence in YOU during your labour, birth and early postpartum days. We provide evidence-based education and support so that you have everything you need to make the birth of your baby the best that it can be. Our virtual birth doula package provides you with experienced and professional guidance before, during and after your birth. You’ll be given non-judgmental support for your birth choices and information that is relevant to your unique circumstances, and preferences. We can help you with birth planning, suggest comfort measures, and give you information on what to expect during your journey. We provide on-call virtual support during your labour, birth, and early postpartum hours, so that we can coach you through the challenging moments.  Birth can birth can be unpredictable and we can help you navigate the experience on your terms.

This package offers:

  • An introductory prenatal planning session
  • An in-depth education session that is tailored to your needs
  • Access to evidence-based resources
  • Unlimited phone and email support
  • 24 hour a day on-call availability, to provide you with real-time, virtual support for your labour and birth
  • A postpartum follow up session



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