The Doula Myth

A lot of people hire doulas because they’re told that with our support, you can achieve a “natural” birth, you won’t need pain medication, and you won’t have a c-section. Overall we have been proven to ensure better outcomes, and the evidence does say doulas decrease the chances of unwanted interventions; but the common misconception is that we prevent everything you don’t want during birth. Unfortunately, we’re not magic.

First, there is no such thing as a “natural” birth. All birth is birth. We can help you have an unmedicated or medicated birth. We can help you have a vaginal birth or a belly birth. You are still giving birth to your baby, it just depends on how they get into your arms.

olivia-snyder-8UoUEHr014E-unsplashSome women want pain medication. Some women plan to give birth unmedicated, and we help them achieve that. We use the same techniques with women who plan to be unmedicated and then change their minds. Epidurals were invented for a reason, and it’s fine to have one if that is your choice. We make sure you know what it is, what it will do, advise when it would best to have one, and then let you decide the rest.

With a doula on your side, there are better outcomes for you and your baby because our support is continuous. We see those in-between moments your nurse or care provider might miss. We tell you the truth about what’s going to happen. We let you know what to expect; even if things don’t go as planned, you have the information to ask the right questions and be ready for the next step. Our goal is for you to have confidence in your decision-making.

We can’t promise you a perfectly planned birth, but we can promise that you will be prepared and supported. We want you to think about your baby’s birth day and say, “I had everything I needed, and that was a great day.”


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